Sakib Imtiaz is a researcher whose research interests include environment, climate change, and disaster resilience. He studies the complex relationship between life and nature with a focus on understanding social-ecological systems.

His works address local level to global issues through social and environmental research. He likes to use Geographic Information System (GIS) and remote sensing techniques to detect environmental change. 

He worked with national and international development organizations including UN agency, where he worked on the project associated with disaster risk management, climate resilience, Rohingya refugee crisis, governance assessment framework, water, sanitation and hygiene in refugee camps, child cantered disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, ethnicity, gender vulnerability, and urban resilience.

In addition to research, he focuses on advocacy and science communication. He has a number of independent research works and feature articles published in peer reviewed journals and news media. He attends conferences at home and abroad and presents his research works.

Sakib completed a Master of Science degree in Disaster Management under the Department of Geography and Environment at University of Dhaka and Bachelor of Business Administration at North South University in Bangladesh.

Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship

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